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The Plantar Fasciitis Clinic Programme has been designed and created to allow you to self manage and relieve Plantar fasciitis and achilles pain yourself at home.

 How it works:

1. Contact us to arrange FREE initial consultation with our heel specialist 

2. We will then put together your treatment plan for to you to carry out in the comfort of home. No need to visit a clinic.

3. You’ll be back on your feet doing the things you love pain free!


Why PF Clinic?

Over 10,000 Plantar Fasciitis cases treated

The Plantar Fasciitis Clinic has analysed over 10,000 cases of successful Plantar fascial treatment. This data provided a major breakthrough in understanding the source of Plantar Fasciitis and how it can be treated.

Treat yourself at home with our proven Self Management Plan

Data conclusively proved individuals with Plantar fasciitis can successfully treat themselves. This is achieved by providing anatomical facts of foot structure during gait and a strict daily programme.

Save $100's on treatments and clinic fees

It is often possible to spend $2000+ on symptomatic treatments. Multiple servicing by Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Shockwave therapists costing $90-$150 per visit. Orthotics (widely used) $500-$800. Most with poor or no results.