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No appointments required. Latest medical evidence shows heel pain should be managed and cured from home. Already over 10,000 with acute and chronic heel pain successfully helped.

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Treatment Plan

PF Clinic now offers to sufferers an easy to follow Self-Management treatment Plan. This incorporates knowledge gained from the database of 1000’s of patients already cured.

This programme is exclusive to PF Clinic.

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What is the Cause of Plantar Fasciitis?

After treating 1000s of patients over many years it became clear
standard treatments (as shown below) in short or long term cases
had little or no benefits. Each method had some basic logic, but
obviously unsuccessful. As the number of sufferers increased over time it became obvious we were missing something.

In 2011 we spent more time assessing heel pain patients from
standing to first propulsion phase then walking and progressing to running where appropriate. Attained high resolution video cameras and improved measurements. Science knows 90%-95% of people in normal gait strike the ground heel first absorbing most weight.  Logically then was it the position the heel struck the ground under full body weight that created strains on the attached tissues, the Plantar fascia and Achilles tendon? In 100 test cases an almost imperceptible inward deviation was detected in the Calcaneous (heel bone). Over 90% of long term patients and 80% in short term causing a tightening of the attached tissues in the heel-toe motion. That percentage remained consistent over 1000s of cases.

We had already proved standard arch lift orthotics had very poor
results and certainly strained the Plantar fascia. So to stabilise this
inward rolling effect we designed in our in-house laboratory a
specific medical grade Insole to gently evert (turn out) the heel to its functionally efficient angle. We have named them Kraedls.
The results combined with our strict daily programme were

Right Foot:

Plantar Fasciitis foot

Talus joint unlocks on
weight bearing load

Deviating heel bone causes strain
on Achilles tendon and
Plantar Fascia

Plantar Fasciitis foot
With Kraedl Insoles

Bodyweight supported
Biomechanically efficient

So how do you cure Heel pain?

Data and facts show this is no quick solution. But it is permanent.
More than 10,000 sufferers have already been treated successfully.
Today this unique programme is now available as a Home Treatment

Healing is a gradual process:

Firstly, our Kraedl Insoles will immediately remove body weight load
from stressed and torn tissue. These devices have been designed by
Bio-mechanists, Physiologists and Footwear specialists. Kraedls are
light, comfortable, self moulding and bio-degradable. Not arch lift.
A programme will cover all aspects of daily life from first thing in the
morning through work place, activities, footwear, time on feet.. etc.
Results will follow a path of inflammation reduction and finally
fibrous tissue repair and pain relief. It takes time as the Plantar
fascia is non-elastic fibre and the Achilles is tendon.
PFClinic supports this programme with a 90 day refund policy.

Is heel pain stopping you from enjoying sports?

PF Clinic in conjunction with Kraedl International and years of research has created a Self-Managed Online Treatment Plan to help cure this debilitating ailment.

Discredited Treatments.

After 15 years of treating Plantar Fasciitis we discovered that the majority of cases had already tried the following treatments with little or no long lasting effect:

This is just treating symptoms!

For over 25 years, Plantar fasciitis has been misdiagnosed. There is no actual proven medical evidence of symptomatic treatments providing any long term benefits for Plantar fasciitis.

This has created unrealistic promises and misleading treatments.

Treatments that have little or no actual proven success

What people have said about PF Clinic

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude. You’ve given me my life back. I am free of pain and so very happy.”

Gail, Rydalmere

“I have no pain whatsoever, it’s magnificent. I feel like I could walk up Mount Kosciusko”

Gordon, Berkeley Vale

"Your programme worked wonders for me. I expected it would take 8-9 weeks. But I was back playing Tennis and Golf after 7 weeks."

Errol Pope, Sutherland

“I was in agony. Within a week of wearing the inserts I was walking better and after 3 months the pain had gone.”

Gary, Tascott

“I was pain free within one month. I do karate barefoot and used to be really sore afterwards but now there is no pain at all.”

Jack, Terrigal

“After 12 weeks I was 85% better. Its wonderful to be able to walk again without pain and be able to start exercising after 2 years. ”

Margaret Lewis, Dubbo

Cure that early morning and standing pain

Pain free in just a few steps with our unique home based self treatment plan

1,000's of people successfully treated

For over 15 years we clinically treated in excess of 10,000 patients with Plantar fasciitis and Achilles pain.

Save Time & Money

Save yourself $100’s if not $1000’s in multiple clinic visits.

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Refund Policy

If for any reason after following our treatment programme you have no improvement in 90 days we will refund you the full amount.